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In an industry built around who you know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create valuable connections across the digital landscape of the worldwide web. Artists, venues, service professionals, and fans alike are experiencing a disconnect by being spread across a seemingly infinite number of music-related sites. The Amplofi platform creates a community in which everyone can interact seamlessly, in one place, to virtually shake hands, share information, and manage their careers.

At the heart of the Amplofi experience is the desire to create a positive shift within the music industry. Artists have insider knowledge about every aspect of their career, fans can gain backstage access to exclusive content, and the professionals who help bring it all together will see their businesses thrive.

Whether an artist is just breaking into the industry or has been around since The White Album, we make it easy to integrate and sync existing accounts and established followings. We provide a proprietary toolset for industry professionals to collaborate on projects, track customer metrics, and simplify their lives; share contacts, profiles, notes, and calendars between fellow bandmates and account managers; and form alliances for all their needs—from a new mic to a new manager—and start to break down the barriers within the industry.

The Amplofi community provides a much needed transparency between artists and the professionals that support them. By opening the lines of communication, we’re promoting solidarity within a community of like-minded professionals and encouraging people to support one another for the betterment of the industry. Rather than simply offering artists the tools they need to connect with their fans, we’re spearheading the first-ever Do It Together movement which empowers music professionals with the resources needed to give them control over their careers—and their lives.

Whether you’re an artist, venue, industry service, or a fan, visit to secure your spot on the front lines of the music revolution.